HTIW Coalition

Principle Product Forms

Bulk Wool
bulk wool
Collected after the fiberization process and sold primarily to be used as feedstock in other manufacturing processes.

Rectangular blocks ready for installation, for example, along furnace walls.

HTIW board
Rigid composite board containing a variety of organic and/or inorganic fillers and binders.

A mat converted to a blanket through a needling process. Blanket can be stacked or folded and compressed to produce modules.

Flexible composite often containing latex as a binder.

Fire Protection Products
Vacuum formed shapes
Variety of lightweight materials that provide passive fire protection and insulation.

coiled rope
Broad selection of wool cloths, ropes, braids and yarns.

Vacuum Formed Shapes
Vacuum formed shapes
Shaped products produced from wool mixed with fillers and binders in an aqueous suspension, drawn into forms or molds by vacuum to remove the water. After drying and finishing, they can be installed with minimal further processing.

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